Sexist editorial in Laissez Faire Mag?

I’m not particularly prudish but the Editorial with Taeseok Kang Handbags in Laissez Faire Mag stroke me as a rather aesthetically unpleasing spreadsheet of naked women. Their nudeness seems unnatural and displaced to me that the poor handbags appeared cheap and strangely undesirable.

The model in the first picture looks as if she was really cold and uncomfortable. She is trying to hide her body from stranger’s looks. In the other picture with the models hair being connected to the handbag gives the impression as if the model is involuntarily chained to the bag and just holds on to it to hide her most private parts.

I understand that, “Sex sells” to some extend but this is just awfully sexist. Why do these women need to get completely naked just to sell a few handbags? I mean, who walks around fully naked with a gigantic rucksack?

Maybe the designer should re think his target group. Isn’t it women who carry and buy his handbags?

Maybe they just wanted to do a bold and ‘artsy’ editorial…but come on people, it takes more of an effort to create a nice editorial than just undressing the models. It is just too plain and ultimately too boring to make any impression.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Sexist editorial in Laissez Faire Mag?

  1. totally agree!!! not necessary at all and I do not see the appeal…quite frankly if anything I looked at each photo in shock and did not even really pay attention to the (not so attractive bags)

  2. Agree! Not only that, the image with the woman and the super long plait around her neck give the impresion of a chain and somehow reminds me of slavery. Is totaly distasteful!!!

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