H&M Glamour Conscious Collection

H&M diggs deeper into sustainable fashion with a new exclusive Glamour Collection.The Design tries to pull off the Red Carpet Look and materials range from organic cotton to recycled polyester mixes. The signature piece (and also my favourite) is the white evening dress (299 Euros). It is limited to 1000 pieces, each individuality numbered, so be prepared to wake up early on April 12, when it is released.The collection is an addition to H&M’s other lines of environmentally friendly clothing, which includes anything from lingerie, trousers to accessories like bags.

It’s good to see that big chains like H&M are committed to putting ‘green’ fashion on the market, but I also get a sense that  this doesn’t  conceal the fact that H&M regulary fails to provide fair working conditions. H&M’s Sustainability report states commitment to a code of ethics but it’s hard to keep track of sub-contractors and all too often, journalists expose child labour and unhealthy work environments (recently in this german documentary).

Yet, at least from an environmental perspective H&M closes a gap in affordable  Green Glam Fashion.

Photo: H&M Press Release


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