‘Our Team’ Egg Stolen from London Big Egg Hunt

The Egg  “Our Team” by the artist Charlie Anson went missing from Trafalgar Square last night. The egg is one of 209 2,5 feet fibreglass egg sculptures placed around London as part of the charity event  “Big Egg Hunt”, which aims to raise £2 million for the charities ‘Action for Children’ and ‘The Elephant Family’.

The Charities said: “It is so sad that on the day that the British Olympic kit is unveiled, Charlie’s ‘Our Team’ egg – a real tribute to the Games – is stolen“. They appealed to the thief „in the true Olympic spirit of camaraderie and togetherness“ to return the egg.

The artist Charlie Anson said: ” I honestly don’t know why anyone would bother stealing this egg. It only has value as part of this charity auction – people pay good money for these eggs because of the prestige associated with the cause. If I was a big name, then it might make sense. But this egg has no “black market” value. And I can’t imagine that anyone would commit such a crude act because the loved the art and wanted it for themselves. So the only motives I can think of are sheer anarchic stupidity and/or attention seeking.”

This is the third egg, after “Hatch” and “Egg Letterbox”, which has been stolen, although the police was able to recover both of the eggs. All eggs have been painted and decorated by artist or designers and are destined to become valuable collectibles of art.

The Big Egg Hunt, presented by Fabergé is set to break the Guinness World record for the most people participating in an Egg Hunt. 30 of the eggs have already been auctioned off, including a chocolate egg for £7000, setting a record for for the most expensive non-jewelled chocolate egg ever sold. The auction continues online for the rest of the eggs.

Members of the public can join the Egg Hunt for a chance to win the Diamond Jubilee egg valued at over £100, 000 through sending a text message with a unique code for every egg they find.

I hope I find some time over the weekend to take part.

Photo Credit: Press Release Action for Children

This is an article I’ve written for my Journalism course

PS: The Bigg Egg Hunt is still looking for volunteers! E-Mail Becky at:


for more information


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