Ouftit: Fashion Extremists

Why Fashion is unsexy

How can you tell that you are too much into fashion? What is the point where you realise that looking pretty has long slipped your fashion consciousness and that you have joined the ranks of these weird people, who seem to constantly think of yet another extravagant Outfit to grab everybody’s attention (BryanBoy) or who think anything below straight-off-the Catwalk is boring (Anna dello Russo) or who converted to their own uniformism (Karl Lagerfeld)?

I thought about this when looking at my latest shopping prey: a medium sized ( very loose fitting) men’s V-neck (worn in the picture), Boy Briefs for girls (Boxershorts without the extra space that men require) from American Apparell and these Cut-Out Wedges. All of which fulfills my requirement of “interesting” looking but none of which could be described as “sexy”

When in my fashion evolution did looking sexy or attractive move well down the list of priorities and got replaced by expressing individuality and submission to trends individual interpretation of trends. I can’t remember a time when I deliberately dressed to appear sexy to someone. Even back at the age of 14 I loved wearing a top, which my ex-boyfriend charmingly called “rugged curtain”. Contrary to theory that women’s fascination with fashion springs from the fact that they need to attract men, I think that fashion was never purely just an element of human mating behaviour.

Trends like Harem Pants, Gladiator Sandals and Ugg Boots, Overalls have hardly received praise from men, yet masses of women, including me (Overall: check; Harem Pants: check) went crazy after them. Blogger-Hype Shoes Jeffrey Campbell’s make feet look like hooves if we take away the flattering rose-coloured glasses of Fashion Trendyness and  this season’s Girlie Trend with pastels, marabu feather skirts and glitter all over provoke more the “no woman is going to get laid wearing this” – kind of reaction than Dinner-Date invites, yet the stores are full of the cute sandbox-princess Look.

I hardly ever think of what men may like on me or not when going shopping, tend distrust any male heterosexual opinions on Outfits, lust after abstract things like PVC dresses and could not even answer the question what clothes men like on women if put on the spot. If dressing for a date I rather think of a ‘message’ (I’m smart and charming enough to not have to dress sexy) or an accessory I’d like to build my Outfit around than sexually attracting him.

I think of Fashion as a language and as any good work of literature it should be more in-between-the-lines than in-your-face-headlines. Therefore wearing a short miniskirt, High-Heels and a tight top would be the equivalent of screaming ‘Please, have sex with me’. Not, exactly ladylike or chic and nothing that most women aim for.

But do men speak ‘fashion’?

My perspective on this is heavily distorted due to the fact that over the years I have somehow surrounded myself with men, who prefer to stare at my platform flats rather than my cleavage. It’s even easier to live in my Fashion Bubble of ugly but interesting clothes. If I actually have to meet a ‘normal’ person I encounter bewilderment and confusion. “Why would you go through the pain of wearing High-Heels if they don’t even look pretty?”I can’t even answer this question. Is it the alluring irrational beauty of Fashion?

Is it too late for Fashion Victims to find a way back to “Pretty Fashion”? Can we ever recover a taste for beautiful gowns and feminine shoes or do we just have to give in to the fate of having to date a guy, whose closet matches yours and  is able to apprecaite the beauty of platform wedges and Pyjama Pants for a Shopping Day on Oxford Street?


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