Trends: the thong is history and the VPL is back

Not so long ago gossip magazines  couldn’t get enough of showing celebrities’ VPLs and denoucing it as a crime. The fear of the dreadful Visible Panty Line fed the sales of thongs and pushed some celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears to go completely sans knickers. 13 year old girls pilgered to H&M for buying the barely-there pants as a sort of inauguration of being a woman and older women sacrificed hours for bum-exercises for the sake of this little piece of fabric.

But it’s all over now. The thong is fashion history and pants are back, fully covering women’s bums. Showing off your panties or VPL underneath sheer or tight trousers, skirts and dresses is the accessory of the season. Christian Dior has sent his models in the comfort of panties under his sheer dresses over the Catwalk and Designer Victoria Barlett even suggests that the panty looks good sans trousers or skirts.

Victoria Barlett via

below: Dior


Most women are probably happy about this, because let’s face it, unless you’re blessed with Gisele–like DNA, it’s likely that the thong wasn’t doing your figure any favors. Sexy underwear used to live by the motto: ‘less is more’, now it’s considered more alluring to show you’re not there to perform.

While some men might not be too happy about saying goodbye to the thong, I find this fashion trend quite liberating although I have never been on the thong side in the first place. I do have some for the occasion of skin-tight dresses but I wouldn’t wear it for trend or the sexiness of it.

As for how much we can show of our panties à la Dior, I am not quite sure yet, if it’s appropriate to show your underpants to the public as Prada suggested in 2010 already.

Prada 2010


What do you think? Can we take to wearing our (pretty) underwear on the streets now?


8 thoughts on “Trends: the thong is history and the VPL is back

  1. This makes me happy! I’ve noticed in high-end underwear stores that there are less and less thong choices lately. I just wish they’d stop peddling me “super comfy boy shorts” that actually should be labelled “wedgie 24/7 shorts”

    sorry, tmi.

    Excited to see new, cute, full-coverage undies come out.

  2. It’s time for thongs to die out. I say vpl’s enhance the curvaceousness of toned physiques — and for the not so toned physiques — here’s the incentive to get toned.

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