How to do le Chic Français

Le chic français is  a myth of the elegant and classic style, which is primarily seen on french women, especially in the capital of France. I’ve bought this little book a while ago 

to get into the mood for my little Trip to Paris at the end of the month and I’ve also done some research on le chic français for my french oral presentation to extract the essence of french style: Voilà, le chic français en bullet points for you:

1) Do not follow Style Icons: you are your own Style Icon. You can have a super-stylish best friend for inspiration  but mostly your inspiration comes from the streets comme les designers!

2)Break the rules and mix it up: the french style pursues the effortless style, that can only be achieved through mixing up styles, colours, brands, vintage and the high street:

par example:

 a sequined sweater with men’s trousers

a chiffon (print) dress with battered biker boots

a tux jacket with sneakers

3) Key pieces:

# a men’s belt to wear with everything

# trenchcoat

# navy cashmere sweater (with V-neck)

# little balck dress (simple, not too short)

# jeans (blue, straight fit, clasic)

# leather jacket

# sunglasses

# shoes: ballet flats, open toed sandals,

riding boots, loafers,black heels

#  a classic bag

# sunglasses

4) Rules are meant to be broken but there are a few Faux-Pas, you should be careful about

# showing thongs, or plastic bra straps

# visible tight highs

# not wearing a bra is always a mistake (sorry!)

# Body Piercings

# Bikinis hat show too much or are encrusted with sequins

# platic-flip-flops

# baseball caps

# Leather suits

#Fishnet T-shirts

# ‘witty’ message T-Shirts

# No ugly white trainers, except for going to the gym

5) Hair: french women like to be feminine and therefore often prefer to have long hair. Don’t put too much effort in it though. Remember it’s all about effortless chic.

6) The most important accessory is confidence!

The model shows le chic français avec the classic black and the little bag dress in Parisian Chic.

If you would like to bring your chic français to perfection or you are looking for a gift for a stylish friend I recommend the book ‘Parisian Chic’ by Ines de la Fressange and if you understand french you can also read this article for further advice how to be chic comme les françaises.

Photo credit 2nd picture: from the book Parisian Chic.


2 thoughts on “How to do le Chic Français

  1. Acutally the French women do not as a rule have long hair… the hairdressers in France love to cut to bob length very rare do you see on the street a French woman with long hair that comment is false, Ines herself has short hair!

    • I know, but the famous Blogger Garance Dore (The Satorialists’s girldfriend) wrote in a Blog Post that french women like long hair. It’s a little contradictorily. I’ll do some non scientific research when I’m in Paris.

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