How to pack a Ryan Air suitcase for a City Trip

My exams are finally over and I am about to go to Barcelona in a few hours. Like so many other students I will fly with the discount airline Ryan Air and as they charge a considerable amount of money for a suitcase and because it is faster too I will travel with carry-on only. Here are a few tips how to pack the perfect carry-on suitcase for a city trip.

Step 1: Check the weather for your destination and lay out your outfits. Don’t forget to pack for different occasion and don’t event think about just packing the most comfortable. Being a tourist is no excuse to look like one.

This is what I packed for the next 6  sunny days in Barcelona (there is chance of rain on Sunday, so I packed a jacket and a sweater).


Step 2: Select the heaviest pieces, especially jackets and shoes and put them aside to wear at the airport and one the plane.





Step 3: Put all your outfits in your suitcase, add your underwear, tourguide, mobile phone charger, socks and pyjamas

Step 4: Put all your liquids into a clear freezer bag (1 l volume). This one could have been improved by only taking a sample perfume (didn’t have one) and sachets for the shampoo and conditioner, because they take away too much stuff. Put all non liquid make up and toiletries like the toothbrush, contact lenses case, powder, blush, eyeshadow and eyeliner in a separate bag to save space in your other bag. I recommend taking an extra plastic bag in case you loose or break the other one.

Step 5: Your handbags need to go into your suitcase too. If it’s a nice one protect it with an extra bag. Don’t forget to check if your camera has enough battery and space on its memory card and put it into the suitcase too.

Step 6: Don’t forget to print out your Boarding Pass, Passport or Identity Card and any other reservation numbers you might need.

And that’s (hopefully) all you need!


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