City Trip to Barcelona & Costa Brava

A month late and just before my next trip: my travel diary for the Costa Brava and Barcelona

Day 1: We arrived at Barcelona and rented a car to go see the Costa Brava in Tossa de Mar, a small town just over an hour drive from the Catalonian capital. We checked in our and went straight to the beach. We just relaxed and went swimming before heading to town at night for the romantic overkill of climbing the little castle. It was full moon and justbeautiful looking down the walls, seeing the cliffs in the moonlight and the town beneath us. Proof, that other romantic spots like the Eiffel Tower are completely overrated.

Day 2: 

Another wonderful day in Tossa de Mar, this time at a different beach with a tapas feast for dinner. We also took a boat tour to see more of the coast but we (well at least I) regretted not paddling ourselves in a kayak, which would have probably been more exciting.

Day 3: We finally made it to Barcelona and went for a walk around the Barrio Gotico, always clutching our bags and belongings tightly to ourselves after the taxi driver, the housekeeper at the hotel and a shop assistant in a souvenir shop has told us so. Even though the city is beautiful and culturally interesting, it is hard to relax with the constant threat of pick-pockets. A visit to Stickhouse took us straight to Popsicles heaven (they even dip it in melted chocolate). Apparently they will open a store in London soon to kill off the Frozen Yoghurt Trend. WE had tapas for a late lunch and went out for a dinner at a small restaurant close to our hotel. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures but the truffle risotto was unforgettable anyway.

Day 4: I had some time to explore Barcelona on my own, because D. had to work. So I paid a visit to Gaudi’s masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia, so see the progress since my last visit in 2009. There is still lots to be done, but it is already one of the most beautiful churches I have seen. Then I walked to beach to admire the modern architecture along the

waterfront. After that I went to Barcelona’s ‘mountain’ Montjuic and walked around its Olympic Park. It was  abandoned but had a special athmosphere. From the museum for Catalan art, you can also get a nice view of Barcelona.

We meet up for dinner and headed to a rooftop bar for another view. ( I honestly think I have not seen any city as much from above than Barcelona.

Day 5: Museum Day! I started off with the Casa Milla, which has a wonderful rooftop terrace and a beautiful Art Nouveau decorated apartment to see, then went over to see Gaudi’s Casa Battló, which was actually more interesting in terms of interior design than the more famous Casa Milla. I left kissed by Gaudi’s genius and was a little bit disappointed of the Picasso museum. It is very good on his early paintings when he was still a teenager and it has a few works around the “las meninas” topic but the collection is a little bit thin otherwise. It was interesting to see that he also worked in other fields than painting including pottery and ceramics but I also have to say that after seeing his vases it doesn’t surprise me too much that hardly anyone knows about his works on this field.

Day 5: Museum freaks like we are, we managed to go to the museum of contemporary art, which had a few interesting things but is really tiny and not really worth it, if you’re short on time. We also went to the gothic cathedral, which was very beautiful and almost worth the 6 euros, we had to pay to get in. Unlike Northern European churches it has a patio with palm trees and 13 real geese (they symbolise the age at which the martyr, to whom the church is dedicated to, died.) and you can also go up to the top and see the roof of the cathedral.


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