Pointless lists

I like lists. To-do lists, fact-lists, top-10 lists, lists of things you have to do before you die. Here are a few of my rather pointless lists.

Things I like about London

1) the pubs

2) Naan bread in supermarkets

3) the fact that they put stuffing in sandwiches

4) that you can buy a big bunch of flowers on one of the markets for less than £1.50

5) the parks (favourites: Hamsted Heath, Victoria Park, Regent’s Park, Battersea Park)

6) how London looks when the sun comes out after the rain

7)the growing coffee-shop culture (favourites: shoreditch grind, fix, coffee-cart, benugo)

8) the galleries in East London

9) Regent’s Canal

10) Cyder, Cidre, Cider or whatever you want to call it

11) the bookshop in Somerset house

12) Sunday roast

13) The Evening Standard Magazine

14) the markets

Things I don’t like about London

1) the tube (too expensive)

2) the buses (too slow)

3) the fact that cycling is life-threatening

4)the weather in the spring and the summer

5) the cost of a cinema ticket

6) the cost of a Frieze ticket

Fashion-related things, I bought last year (sept 2011-oct 2012)

1)  1 pair of Cheap Monday jeans

2) 2 topshop dresses

3) black fetish shoes

4) black sandals

5) I exercise-outfit (Gap)

6) white skirt (Zara)

7) two pairs of black biker boots

8) black high-heels

10) Fur-jacket

11)  2 necklaces

12) 1 collar

13) 1 belt

14) “ugly” shoes

15) white sneakers

16) fashion-statement shoes

17) 3 bras and a couple of knickers

18) 2 small leather bags

19) 1 ring

20) three pairs of earrings

21) 3 umbrellas

22) white dress

23) black dress

24) 1 white blouse

25) white jumper

26) sequin-dress (Zara)

27) black trousers

28) 2 white T-shirts (H&M)

29) grey T-shirt (American Apparel)

30) pyjama-set (Intimissi)

31) Vintage sweater

32) pair of leggings (Uniqlo)

33) trainers

Unhealthy things I ate last week

  • Ham sandwich with mayonnaise
  • chocolate bar
  • slice of carrot cake
  • lemon-coconut cake (worth it)
  • 1/2 pack wine-gums
  • pack of raspberry granola
  • pack of Brownie bites

Interesting things I learned last week

  • 53% of American college graduates can’t get a degree-level job at the moment
  • Liza Mundy thinks that women will soon be richer than men
  • Italy has the 7th biggest industrial output in the world
  • Britain’s health secretary is crazy (12 week abortion limit)
  • Germany has the 2nd oldest population in the world (after Japan)
  • Honduran women are sex-trafficked to Mexico
  • Poundland is more expensive than everyone thinks
  • Over 90 per cent of  City University 2009 Journalism graduates were in employment or further study six months after graduation
  • The EU pays £41 000 per annum as a starting salary
  • There is a Glee Club at our university
  • Tesco express and Sainsbury’s local don’t sell regular coffee filters
  • Circulation figures  in India are growing by more than 3%
  • A Primark opened in Austria

One thought on “Pointless lists

  1. Hahaha! I really liked that one!!! Marlene has already been to Austria’s Primark 😉
    The only thing I don’t like are ToDo-Lists. They don’t really help me, they just stress me. And in case I really forget something – it cannot be that important! 😉

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