Androgynous Fashion: Boyfriend look without boyfriend

Boyfriend Look

The gem of my closet: a men’s Cerutti 1881 suit jacket that I found on a fleamarket in Paris.

Androgynous style has been there for a while. Coco Chanel already tailored men’s jackets to suit her, more recently Katie Holmes walked around with men’s jeans and even more recently unisex models like Andrej Pejic confused catwalk audiences all over the world.

My body is definitely more on the feminine  side yet I often find myself drawn to wrapping it in men’s clothes. They are often of better quality and made to last longer than women’s clothes.There are more classics to choose from because men’s fashion doesn’t invent itself every two seconds like women’s fashion does.

But as a single girl is it such a good idea to actually own clothes made for the opposite sex? Sloppy T-shirts and baggy jeans will hardly seem attractive to men, who tend to think that you a) are actually wearing your boyfriend’s clothes or b) you want to be one of the “guys”. Compliments generally come from men who are gay and planning their wardrobe and straight guys don’t even find the advantage that I could lend them my men’s shirt convincing. (“I can’t wear the same shirt you are wearing all the time”. “But it is a MEN’s shirt”)

men's jacket

I love the clean fit.

men's shoes

Marc O’Polo shoes


Detail: collar

Not that this has bothered me too much. My collection has progressed to a complete Outfit with men’s trousers, shirt (2), shoes (2), watch and even a mock men’s boxershorts from American Apparel but I am still single, so don’t listen to me.

However if you’re just interested in looking good in men’s clothes, here are my recommendations:

It’s important to balance the look with feminine accessories and choose only things that fit your body shape to some degree (Since I realised that boyfriend jeans don’t look good on people with short and thick legs like me, they’ve disappeared in the darkest corner of my closet only to be used for wall-painting). The boyfriend should look a little bit oversized but don’t exaggerate. If you look like you have to borrow your overweight uncle’s clothes, you went too far. Vintage shops and flea markets are usually a good idea: they often have amazing quality clothing.


worn with a red dress in front of our blue door.


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