Shopping Guide: Androgynous Fashion


1. Masculine Cut Coat 2. Michael Kors Boyfriend Blazer 3. Michael Kors men’s watch 4. Citizen Strap Watch 5. Religion Temple Trousers 6. Kookai Check Pant 7. Hackett Men’s Shirt 8. KG Brogues

Gender-Bending is nothing new to fashion but is not always easy to pull-off and the rules change – recently against boyfriend jeans. This little shopping guide helps to find the basics for an androgynous look at House of Fraser.

Nothing is more versatile than these slimming black trousers (5) from London-based fashion label, Religion, or the black blazer from Michael Kors (2) – both shouldn’t be missing in any women’s closet. Men’s watches are great accessories (4), (3) to give outfits a masculine twist and can be combined with different styles. A true essential for a the androgynous style is a men’s shirt, which is worth spending a little bit more on. You will wear and love this for years to come, so dig deep into your wallet. Genuine men’s shirts are often of better quality than women’s, so don’t buy a shirt that was made for women with a “male cut”. Best is,  to go for a traditional British clothing brand like Hackett (7) and buy a men’s shirt in the smallest size. Shirts with patterns or colour are often more versatile because they can be worn for all kinds of occasions from breakfast in bed to a walk on a beach in Italy.

Shoes are another great accessory to give outfits a new twist and an elegant replacement for pumps in the office. Shoes in a male style can be used to dress down girly dresses to make them look more grown-up and can look very sexy if matched with a figure-hugging suit for dinner. This pair from KG (8) looks good on every woman but there are plenty more good options for men’s shoes at House of Fraser. Let’s not forget a coat for winter: for coat it is often better to take a women’s coat with a masculine cut rather than a men’s coat as they are usually too big for women’s shoulders. A light colour, like this (1) coat in camel makes it look a little bit more feminine to strike an ideal gender balance.

PS: A few of these items would make great Valentine’s gifts that can easily be borrowed and re-purposed. Something to keep in mind when picking out something for the loved-one :-).

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