My Kate-Moss-skinny jeans

Kate-Moss-Skinny_jeans Skinny jeans are a misleading name for a piece of clothing that usually does not make you look skinny – unless your are one of the these “stick-women”, we all hate. The popularity of jeans was somewhat always a little bit of a mystery to me: apart from the new jeggings, they are not particularly comfortable, torturous to buy (who hasn’t despaired in front of an evil changing room mirror, floor covered in jeans that all have the wrong fit, colour or price) and compared to other trousers or skirts they are often quite expensive. Yes, they never go out of fashion but this is only because everybody wears them, which makes them probably the most boring fashion-item of the century. They are not particularly good for the environment either. The manufacturing process requires volcanic pumice stones  have to be mined and shipped all over the world and hundreds of litres of water  are used for the “washed out” look.  Apparently, the Levi’s plant outside El Paso, TX, uses 15% of the city’s water supply and this is just one plant. As if that’s not enough the dye used for denim is also highly toxic. All of this for item of clothing that often didn’t even last me for a year?

Since leaving high school I have almost completely stopped wearing jeans and only own two pairs (not counting the ones I’ve put in storage in case, I magically loose 5kg and return to my 15 year-old-self-figure.) But this winter’s sale I couldn’t resist buying a pair of skinny, grey jeans that appealed to my inner instinct to copy Kate Moss. They’re from BDG via Urban Outfitters, quite comfortable and even look good on non-stick-women like me. They also helped me rediscover the only apparent advantage of jeans: they’re much warmer than skirts, dresses and trousers, which saves heating costs, which could reduce the environmental damage they’ve caused.


Shirt: Mango, Jeans: BDG

They’ve already become like an old, rediscovered love  that I combine with my new pair of cognac boots, white shirts and all sorts of jumpers. They almost go with anything, defying the urge to buy another pair of jeans. Maybe that’s the golden way to denim that doesn’t destroy the environment: see it as monogamous relationship.

Cognac Ankle Boots by Bronx

Cognac Ankle Boots by Bronx


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