Things I hate about other women*

1) “My boyfriend thinks” “my boyfriend says”, my boyfriend always does” – please get your own opinion.

2) Talking about what food is healthy and how much fat  or calories something contains. – I don’t care and I am going to eat it anyway.

3) Talking about period symptoms –  why some women think that this is even remotely interesting, will always remain a mystery to me.

4) “Unconsciously” flirting with someone else’s boyfriend and then denying it. We all know where the line between “friendly” and “flirty” is. Stay on the right side.

5) “I-am-soooo-incredibly-sexy-dressing” – Keep your pop-star-stage-outfits at home and please note that what may work for Beyonce on stage does not make you look sexier in  real life. If men want to see someone dressed as a lap-dance-girl they can pay for it.

6) “You know, the girl with the red hair, who is the sister of … and went to this uni” – I don’t know her and I don’t care.

7) “Ahhh Aurelia, HOW have you been. I have not seen you in ages….” hug, kiss, kiss. let’s take a photo together – Cheeeeese. – We said “hi” in the hallway once. I. do.not. know. you.

8) Facebook pictures that are close-ups of someone’s cleavage who does not have boobs in real life.

9)  Photos of girls with hashtags/tags on Instagram/Twitter that read like the description of a porn star/ lap-dancer.

10) Constant complaining about men: We all complain about the opposite sex once in a while but if there is nothing good about men, maybe you should rethink your sexual orientation.

*that I sometimes commit myself 🙂


2 thoughts on “Things I hate about other women*

  1. I love #2, I hate it when people of any sex do this. If I am paying for food at a restaurant, I want it to taste good! If you only eat out once or twice a month, and you’re paying, may as well enjoy it instead of getting a $20 Caesar Salad you could have made at home.

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