Outfits that Carrie Bradshaw would like too

No series to this day, has managed to be as fashion-forward as Sex and the City.  Even, long after the last series, I found myself, picking up a piece of clothing, thinking if Carrie would wear it. Time has moved on and my style has (sadly?) become down to earth and “grown-up” – and more black and grey. One of my friend recently even pointed out that I’ve become much “more elegant and far less crazy”. Gone are the days, when I spent hours going through mountains of vintage clothing and at designer markets. I still have hope that they’ll return somehow when al the essays and exams are written but until then, I thought it was time for a little collection of my best Carrie-Outfits. Which is your favourite?


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_0556IMG_5036Carrie Outfitcarrie.preview

Not quite as stylish as Carrie in the film but at least the colours are similar.IMG_3545Carrie_red scarf41505c1fff5c12185e3362655f49e0a3Carrie dressSeason-SixCarrie-dots-outfitIMG_3210Carrie skirtCarrie Outfit

Photo Credit: HBO

Photo Credit: HBO


Photo Credit: HBO

Photo Credit: HBO

Newspaper dress

Newspaper dress



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