Outfit: One Dress, Two Looks


I don’t know how you feel about American Apparel, but aside from their employee-sexually harassing CEO, their policy of selling basics and hardly changing their collections makes it harder to buy from them. I thought about buying this dress for a year before actually doing it, as I knew I could buy it any time. The good thing about this is that you have enough time to emotionally prepare yourself for their sizes. This dress is the largest size they had and as you can see it is still relatively tight.  Otherwise, the quality is good, it’s versatile and of course their sweat-shop free policy is good for the conscience. It’s a great dress for going out in winter because you don’t need to wear a jacket over it inside, but it’s sexy with its figure hugging cut and showing some back.



IMG_4835dress: American Apparel

tights: H&M

ring: Accessorize

bag: gift

earrings: Chalk House

shoes: Paul Green


For a more casual evening affair, like eating out at Wagamamas, I just wear it with jeans and tuck it into them.

IMG_4673 IMG_4679

 jeans: H&M

shoes: H&M

dress: American Apparel

bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

necklace: Portobello market


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