Outfit: Dresses and Leather Jackets

IMG_4884There is only one place to spend this pitch-perfect London spring: the park! For a quick post-study ( I am preparing for my final exams) visit to Bethnal Green Park, I threw a black leather jacket over my nice white dress and put on my silly white sunglasses. Leather jackets are a great addition to summer dresses as they avoid this ‘cute’ girl look.

I also wore  fashion jewelry earrings from Deco Art, a little shop in Salzburg (where I am from). The FT even described it as “one of the best shops in Europe” so if you are there, have a look around.  The earrings are from the 20s and are made from some kind of high quality plastic that isn’t produced anymore. The ‘pearly’ bit in the middle is actually from a shell. I think they are a great eye-catcher that can be worn casually but also to work or more formal events. Girls of our generation probably all love fashion/costume jewelry. Especially with big earrings and necklaces seen all over the place. Who would be able to afford real stones of that size? But the problem with fashion jewelry bought at H&M and Co. is  that they are cheaply made. The colour comes off and sometimes the designs are extremely unoriginal.


That’s why I’ve recently turned to high-quality fashion jewelry made in the 20s or buying from independent jewelry designers. It lasts longer and looks better but for now they’ll still get combined with cheaper accessories from the high street.

sunglasses: H&M

earrings: DECO ART

dress: Zara

leather jacket: Orchard Street New York

shoes: H&M

bag: market in Italy

IMG_4890 IMG_4913


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