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As a journalism student and journalist to be (hopefully!) I like newspapers by profession and what’s better for exam preparation than to completely immerse yourself in your work? I can do that quite literally in my new newspaper duvet covers from H&M. Book underneath the pillow? Ha, I’ll wrap myself in my studies.

IMG_5251Normally I am a fan of simple colours for bedsheets and towels but I thought I can get away with black and white. I ordered two single duvet covers, which is very un-British of me. In Austria and Germany each part of the couple sleeps their own duvet while the Italians, French and Brits share a double duvet.

As the English half of the couple sharing the new duvet covers with me thinks that single duvets are deeply unromantic,
inevitably there is going to be a fight over them. He will try to spread both of the duvets over us so we are both under, only to be left out in the cold once I fall asleep and get all possessive about my duvets and take both of them with me. He then has to fight to retrieve at least one of from my tight clasp while I tell probably  tell him to let me have my duvet in German ( we don’t know what I actually say because he doesn’t understand it and I don’t remember it). Sometimes I think that our cultural sleeping arrangements are just prove of a poorly developed sense of romance but on the other hand it’s just more practical: I don’t disturb him when I rearrange the duvet during the night and it’s warmer too.



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