Englische Küche

Das Essen ist für die meisten Touristen ein essentieller Teil eine, neue Kultur kennen zu lernen. “Continentals” haben im Falle von England aber meistens eher Angst vor der Kulinarik hierzulande.  Dabei ist es gar nicht so schlimm und Fish and Chips auch nicht das einzige essbare auf der Insel.

Dass sich das billige Gericht Fish and Chips zum englischen Gericht schlechthin in unseren Köpfen entwickelt hat tut der englischen Küche Unrecht. Das wäre so wie wenn man das Wiener Würtelstandl zum Glanzstück der österreichischen Küche erheben würde. Würstel sind ja schon Teil des Frühstücks hier und auch sonst isst man gerne verschiedenste Würstelvariation wie zum Beispiel mit Äpfeln und verschiedenen Gewürzen, am besten mit einer Beilage Kartoffelpüree.

Apropo Kartoffelpüree – das ist nicht etwa die langweilige Form, die man bei uns manchmal aus Pulver anrührt. Man nimmt das hier schon ernst und macht es frisch mit Senf, Butter und Milch. Dass ich keinen Potatoe- Masher, also einen Kartoffelstampfer besessen habe war sogar eine der ersten “Beziehungskrisen”. Mein britischer Freund konnte es nicht glauben, dass man ohne Potatoe-Masher leben kann.

“But how do you mash potatoes then?”

“I don’t east mashed potatoes.”


Auch Hamburger braten wird hier zur Kunst erhoben. Eine Gourmet Burger Kette nach der anderen macht hier auf. Es erstaunt mich immer wieder, dass der Bedarf nach dem perfekten Burger so groß ist, dass 60 Gourmet Burger Kitchen, 11 Honest Burger Restaurants, 56 Byron Burger restaurants und weitere kleinere Lokale überleben können. Und das obwohl gute Hamburger auch in jedem Pub zu haben sind.

Traditioneller ist Pie und Mash. Pie hört sich an wie Kuchen ist aber ähnlich wie in Strudel und mit Huhn oder Steak gefüllt. Man findet auch heute noch einige Pie und Mash Shops vor allem in historisch gesehen, ärmeren Stadtteilen im Osten. Pies sind günstig herzustellen und wurden daher vor allem von sogenannten “Working Class” Leuten gegessen. Früher wurden diese Pies oft mit Aalen gefüllt. Die Themse war damals noch schmutzig genug um  ideale Lebensbedingten für diese Fische zu bieten. Inzwischen müssen sie aus Holland importiert werden um noch ein paar dieser traditionellen Pies zu backen. Wenn man mich fragt ist es wohl besser, dass die “Jellied Esel” Pies eine sterbende Tradition ist aber Chicken & Leek Pie und Minced Meat Pie kann ich sehr empfehlen.

Dann gibt es natürlich noch unzählige indische Lokale und das Curry ist sogar laut manchen Umfragen, das beliebteste Gericht in England. Die Dominanz des indischen Essens ist natürlichen vor allem der Zeit des Empire geschuldet und ich würde sagen es gehört inzwischen genauso zur englischen Kultur wie Pubs. Am traditionellsten ist es man geht zur indischen Restaurant-Meile in Brick Lane und handelt sich einen guten “Deal” aus. Durch die große Ansammlung indischer Restaurants in dieser Ecke von London, lässt sich oft ein wirklich gutes Angebot, vor allem wenn man in der Gruppe kommt aushandeln.

Man sieht, verhungern muss man hier nicht.


OUTFIT: Sunny yellow

photo 1 (1)

 Summer has returned to London and of course this meant that I quickly got back into sandals and sheer summer tops. This yellow shirt is from Intimissi and makes for a perfect late summer outfit over jeans. It’s almost September so I threw a grey blazer on top to keep warm when the breeze creeps back.  Continue reading

Outfit: Leather skirts over dresses

A while back I posted these photos of an Alexander Wang collection because I thought it was cool idea but I never actually got round to wear the combo myself. Well until this week, the top is actually a dress from Mango, which I’ve had for ages but it looks great as top with this fake leather skirt, also from Mango. The look is definitely office or meeting appropriate but far from boring. 

Here I’ve worn it with pointy brogues and accessorised with golden jewelry to match the gold skirt’s zip in the same colour. I’ve also worn a lipstick in the dress’s colour, so it’s all a bit matchy-matchy but I guess it doesn’t matter too much. I think I’ll try this combination with other dresses too. It’s really simple and gives old dresses an instant update. Continue reading

Outfit: Lanvin T-shirt and Jeans

I am so not a jeans-and-T-shirt girl but if it (the T-shirt) comes with glitter and pearls, I am easily convinced. It’s from the Lanvin for H&M collection, which launched a couple of years ago. I’ve worn it more as a dress in the past but I thought for getting my dissertation printed and grabbing  a coffee on a Saturday morning it looks best if worn over simple blue jeans. This way, the only skirt that gets blown away by the London wind is the little tulle skirt over the legs on the T-shirt.

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Outfit: Vogue Inspiration

The other day I saw this long skirt & shirt combination in Vogue and thought I’d try it. I love this sheer blue skirt from American Apparel but  I have to admit that I don’t wear it too often because it’s a bit hard to find an occasion: not really practical for uni, too dressy for a casual coffee and too elegant for a bar (depends on the bar but I am not really the kind of girl who goes to swanky bars all the time). I wore it to dinner at Cay Tre, a Vietnamese Restaurant on Old Street.

2014-05-10 17.51.47image[1]The Vogue version is more bold than mine but that might not necessarily be bad thing. I think the outfit definitely needs heels unless you are very tall as long skirts make you look even shorter than you actually are. In the summer,  I’ll definitely  wear them with brown strappy sandals.

skirt: American Apparel

shoes: Hallhuber

shirt: H&M

bag: Italy

Outfit: Spring



The blog has been really quite uhm in the past year or so? I’ve concentrated on other projects, mostly my degree at City University London and dabbled in some non-fashion related stuff like business reporting, PR for Frieze Art Fair and worked a bit at a major London landmark. Anyway, I haven’t lost my interest in fashion and hope to blog a bit more in the coming months. To start with: is an outfit post about a spring outfit I wore last Saturday for a little walk around Leamington Spa. It’s often hard to dress for spring as you just want to finally get on all your colourful clothes on but it’s often still a bit chilly. The solution is a floral skirt, paired with tights and a cashmere jumper in a nice colour.  It keeps you warm and still looks fresh. If it gets a bit windy a trench coat solves the problem. A long necklace adds a bit of sparkle to the outfit

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Outfits that Carrie Bradshaw would like too

No series to this day, has managed to be as fashion-forward as Sex and the City.  Even, long after the last series, I found myself, picking up a piece of clothing, thinking if Carrie would wear it. Time has moved on and my style has (sadly?) become down to earth and “grown-up” – and more black and grey. One of my friend recently even pointed out that I’ve become much “more elegant and far less crazy”. Gone are the days, when I spent hours going through mountains of vintage clothing and at designer markets. I still have hope that they’ll return somehow when al the essays and exams are written but until then, I thought it was time for a little collection of my best Carrie-Outfits. Which is your favourite?

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Things I hate about other women*

1) “My boyfriend thinks” “my boyfriend says”, my boyfriend always does” – please get your own opinion.

2) Talking about what food is healthy and how much fat  or calories something contains. – I don’t care and I am going to eat it anyway.

3) Talking about period symptoms –  why some women think that this is even remotely interesting, will always remain a mystery to me.

4) “Unconsciously” flirting with someone else’s boyfriend and then denying it. We all know where the line between “friendly” and “flirty” is. Stay on the right side.

5) “I-am-soooo-incredibly-sexy-dressing” – Keep your pop-star-stage-outfits at home and please note that what may work for Beyonce on stage does not make you look sexier in  real life. If men want to see someone dressed as a lap-dance-girl they can pay for it.

6) “You know, the girl with the red hair, who is the sister of … and went to this uni” – I don’t know her and I don’t care.

7) “Ahhh Aurelia, HOW have you been. I have not seen you in ages….” hug, kiss, kiss. let’s take a photo together – Cheeeeese. – We said “hi” in the hallway once. I. do.not. know. you.

8) Facebook pictures that are close-ups of someone’s cleavage who does not have boobs in real life.

9)  Photos of girls with hashtags/tags on Instagram/Twitter that read like the description of a porn star/ lap-dancer.

10) Constant complaining about men: We all complain about the opposite sex once in a while but if there is nothing good about men, maybe you should rethink your sexual orientation.

*that I sometimes commit myself 🙂

Frieze London 2012 in pictures

Once a year the art crowd flocks to London for the ‘London Fashion Week’ for galleries, collectors, artists and nobobodies like me, who take an interest in art. This is my second year of Frieze and I already feel much more comfortable with the process that comes with it: queuing in front of the wood-box-box-office, which looks like a bad installation in itself, getting into a chat with an artist, who is disappointed that I am not a millionaire-art collector and the ridiculous bag-search to make sure you don’t carry any black paint for spontaneous vandalizations.

But once you have splurged a week’s grocery shop on a ticket and entered the holy plastic tents, the fun starts. Endless gallery stalls with important names stretch along the neon-lit corridors and display everything and everybody that matters in art at the moment. You can get into a nauseated by the observation of a photo collage about a performance featuring mustard, ketchup sausages and a human penis (not photographed, because I am nice),  be impressed by a Keith Haring -esque ‘monument’ (picture 2), gain some life-guidance (3) or soothe your eyes with the bluest of blue (4 and 5).


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