Gareth Pugh launches MAC Make-up range

Gareth Pugh, one of Britain’s most Avantgarde designers has teamed up with MAC cosmetics for a Make-up range. The designer is know for his awkwardly shaped clothes and stunning Eye Make-up in his shows. He, himself wears Make-up “because it makes him look better when he wakes up”, and feels sorry that Make-up for men “will probably always remain a taboo”. Known for his androgen Style, the Make-up range includes mostly grey, blue and purple shades and will create powerful Looks for women and for men, if they want to. Personally, I couldn’t ever really acquire the taste for men’s Make-up, not even on Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow but if there was one person that could maybe make this happen it would be Gareth Pugh.

Look from his Collection via

What do you think about men wearing Make-up?


Why spending money on expensive beauty brands is stupid

why  “I like to have my money, right where I can see it: in my closet” – and not in my bathroom.

In my life there are only a few occasion, on which I leave the house without Make-up:

a) going for a run

b) getting fever-lowering medicine from the pharmacy/ going to hospital

c) picking up a family member or friend form the air port or train station in a car

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