London’s Boat Life

I’ve written an article about Londoners, who live on Boats moored on one of the many waterway’s in the British  capital for tag_, an international magazine for urban issues.

You can read my article and enjoy the magazine’s stunning photography here:



How to find Jack, the Ripper and Curry in Brick Lane

Brick Lane is probably most famous for Curry and maybe for Vintage Clothing, but last week I went there to take pictures of Jack, the Ripper murder sites. It was an (un) organised event by the Photographic Society, that I joined along with 2 other societies at my University. We tried to “decorate” a male member with fake blood to get a more realistic setting for our project but then realised that all Jack, the Ripper-victims were women so it didn’t quite turn out how it would have been supposed to. Then, we concentrated more on taking pictures of buildings at night. And after that, checking out a photo gallery, we accidentally found in a side alley, we focused on getting ourselves a good Curry-deal at one of the restaurants there. Later, we got into an argument with the restaurant manager but had to give in since we were all really hungry.

Anyway, I think the picture, I took in Barbican station is pretty decent and I also like the first one, but I admit there’s definitely room for improvement.

School- Outfit

Today was a really busy day.  I went to uni at 10:30 and got home at 9 (after I went to  buy some food). At night there was an inspiring lecture by Heather Brooke about Civic Journalism. She played a major role in discovering a scandal about MP’s (Member of Parliament) expenses and she published several books. Essentially she thinks that journalists should concentrate more on their role of challenging powerful people and investigation. Today I was wearing a pretty simple Outfit consisting of:

leather shorts: vintage

shirt: H&M

boyfriend blazer: ZARA

suspenders: H&M

random black tights and black ballet-flats.

It’s very comfortable and it  easily out together.

The Daily Mail Song: This video gave me a good laugh in today’s lectures. I think it’s brilliant. Hope you enjoy it


…And I also bought some Halloween Candy! I looove Halloween and I loove dressing up. Stay tuned for my costume ideas and going-out plans!

Hope you had a good day too!