Frieze London 2012 in pictures

Once a year the art crowd flocks to London for the ‘London Fashion Week’ for galleries, collectors, artists and nobobodies like me, who take an interest in art. This is my second year of Frieze and I already feel much more comfortable with the process that comes with it: queuing in front of the wood-box-box-office, which looks like a bad installation in itself, getting into a chat with an artist, who is disappointed that I am not a millionaire-art collector and the ridiculous bag-search to make sure you don’t carry any black paint for spontaneous vandalizations.

But once you have splurged a week’s grocery shop on a ticket and entered the holy plastic tents, the fun starts. Endless gallery stalls with important names stretch along the neon-lit corridors and display everything and everybody that matters in art at the moment. You can get into a nauseated by the observation of a photo collage about a performance featuring mustard, ketchup sausages and a human penis (not photographed, because I am nice),  be impressed by a Keith Haring -esque ‘monument’ (picture 2), gain some life-guidance (3) or soothe your eyes with the bluest of blue (4 and 5).


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Louise Bobbe: Behind Closed Doors

A few weeks ago, I went to the Richard Young Gallery for the exhibition “Behind Closed Doors”, a photography series by Louise Bobbe. The mostly large-scale photographs depict scenes of female nudes in intimate moments, ‘behind closed doors’ as the title already suggests. The women remain anonymous by not showing their faces and therefore putting the viewer in the position of the voyeur.

I was surprised, when a gallery assistant told me  that most of the women in the pictures are already in their thirties. After leaving the gallery I wondered why they appeared so much younger to me. Is it because we are used to seeing only young and sometimes very young women in erotic poses or contexts? Do women just look younger in their thirties than they used to?

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Hajj-Journey to the heart of Islam at the British Museum

Photo Credit: © Peter Sanders Photography from the British Museum

How do you curate an exhibition about a spiritual journey? The British museum makes an attempt to portray Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, that very Muslim has to undertake at least once in his or her life. Today more than 3 millions Muslims travel to Mecca in Saudi-Arabia every year. Non-Muslims are not allowed to take part in this massive event and for this reason alone; the exhibition is an opportunity to take upon the journey into a different culture. As early as in 1853 Non-Muslims sneaked in and observed the tradition and mysteries evolving around the Journey to God.

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Livestream Fashion Bytes tonight at 7 pm (London time)!

I know this is very short notice but there will be really interesting Debate about the future of the Fashion Industry with  top-sepakers. There will be a Live Stream and the possibility to ask questions via Twitter and Facebook. If everything works out, this will be Smartfashioned’s first Live-Tweet Event :-).

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Good Fashion Show: is real fur more ethical than we think?

Animal Right Activits have long fought for the disappearance of real Fur and labels like Stella McCartney have even made High-Fashion vegan, but have we taken things to far?

Fur Coats

At the Good Fashion Show ethical fashion designers expressed concern about the criminalization of wearing Vintage Fur Coats. Reusing old Fur Coats is more beneficial to the environment than wearing Fake Fur Coats, which are manufactured with harmful chemicals.

Suzanne Rafferty from Fifty-O-Fity, a Vintage Shop, that sells old fur coats and jackets with a part of the profits going to different Charities, said that  up to 4500 pounds per month are spent on burning old fur coats by councils. “People feel bad about wearing them and just throw them away”. She also pointed out that a natural fur coat is the best protection against the cold and can keep you from getting ill (saving the environment the chemicals in medicines).

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Vintage Fair and One Day Designer Sale in Clerkenwell

2 events to attend this week
Vintage has been a a London obsession for a long time and the Clerkenwell Vintage Fair on February 19th  is an  opportunity to vamp up your wardrobe without environmental consequences. There will be Fashion from 1800 (!) to the more recent 1980s. on offer.

11 am -4:30 pm

Old Finsbury Town Hall on Rosebury Avenue

admission: 4£

…and there is also the One Day Designer Sale at discounted prices on Tuesday, February 21st, noon-7pm at the Craft Central in St. John’s Square. Support local talents, have a chat with the designers and pick up distinctive pieces of jewelry, fashion and accessories.

PS: Don’t forget to the enter a competition for free tickets to the Good Fashion Show here.

Photo Credit: Aurelia Seidlhofer for Smartfashioned

Win free tickets to the Good Fashion Show!

This Saturday The Good Fashion Show, an event dedicated to showcase sustainable fashion labels will take place for the first time at the London House in Bloomsbury. It’s a great opportunity for environmentally conscious fashionistas as well as newbies to discover new concepts and emerging designers. I am happy that the organisers have agreed to give 2 free tickets to Smartfashioned readers.

There will be 25-30 international and UK Labels to buy from and talk to. Several Speakers, including the Head of the London College of Fashion have been invited to inspire visitors how to make changes in their wardrobe and live a little bit more ‘green’.  Alongside the fashion there will also be an exhibition of more than 100 unique proactive artworks to enjoy.

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The Prize draw will be this Friday at 12 pm  via and the winners will be directly notified.

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Clothes Swapping

In a world of Throw-Away-Fashion and Wage-Dumping, associated even with luxury firms it is sometimes hard to make conscious choices without taking the fun out of fashion. One opportunity to spice up your wardrobe without spending money or harming the environment is the fast growing trend  “Swishing”.

Don’t know what to do with all your clothes?

The concept is simple: You bring up to 7 items of clothing for which you are rewarded coupons (depending on how valuable your clothes are).  After all items are collected the shopping begins and you can redeem your coupons for someone else’s clothes.

The next event takes place on February 4th at Mrs. Bear’s Clothes, Britannia Pub, 360 Victoria Park Road, Hackney.

Other events around the world can be found here.

Photo Credit: Aurelia Seidlhofer