Fashion-Sweatshops in the developed world


It seems as if Green Fashion as in ‘good for the environment’ has taken over the sustainable fashion market. Warehouse uses organic silk and cotton, H&M has just extended its range of recycled and organic cotton fashion with a Glamour Collection, Zara uses 5% biodiesel and PVC free footwear, Mango has obtained a “Made in Green” Certification and Topshop publishes an understandable and accessible Responsibility Report. It seems as if there is great progress in the right direction.

But while it seems a lot easier to buy affordable clothing without exploiting the environment,  things don’t look as bright from the perspective of fair labour.

American Apparell, once the hero of fair wages, paying double the american minimum wage in its L.A. factory (and paying the american minimum wage in other countries) fell into disgrace after CEO Dov Charney was sued for sexual assault in 5 cases by (former) emloyees and harshly criticized for his  “over-reliance on oral sex during interviews over assessing  retail experience” as an industry insider said here. So, fair wages but sexual exploitation. Maybe not so ethical after all.

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Leather sleeves

The other dress I bought at my Topshop bargain spree in January. The leather gloves make it quite warm and the perfect going out dress for winter. I’ve also worn it during the day, so I would say it works fine as a Day Outfit. So far I’ve got two compliments from gay men, which are the only compliments alongside compliments from close girlfriends I trust ;-)….

…worn with necklace from Camden market and Max shoes and leather leggings from a boutique in New York.

Photo Credit: Tim

Topshop Bargain: studded dress

In the End-Sale of the Final Sale of the season (a rack of mixed clothes in the farthest corner of Topshop on Oxford Circus) I pulled out this studded beauty for 30 instead of 150 pounds. Can’t believe that I was lucky enough to have found it in my size. I’ve worn it with my leather jacket from New York in this picture but also wore it with a black sweater to make it more of an everyday Outfit.

dress: Topshop

jacket: New York, Orchard Street

shoes: Bronx

Thanks to Tim for the beautiful photo.

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The good and the bad capsule collection

Recently only bad news have emerged from Greece. But greek designer Mary Katranzou’s dresses are a strong antidote to the current greek tragedy. Her boldy colored dresses have one message: “Black is dead”, giving a strong statement that the future looks bright . The 28 -year old designer graduated from Central Saint Martins and has shown at London Fashion Week in the past seasons. Her Ming vases inspired collections definitely lead a new way in terms of patterns, reminding me of Pucci somehow. Having said this, I couldn’t be more excited about her upcoming Capsule collection with Topshop. The collection won’t hit stores until February next year and prices will still be at about 350 pounds but if I start saving now….I’ve come to the conclusion that it would probably be a smarter investment than the upcoming H&M Versace collection, which has disappointed me  a little bit. This year I will sleep in, dreaming about my Mary Katranzou dress instead of getting up early in the morning and lining up with some other crazy people for getting priority wristbands.

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